I write short stories, novels, and non-fiction. My plan is to make a living doing this, since I love it. Here is quick tour of my author's website. Please enjoy!

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It is after midnight on October 19th, 1962, and the Cuban Missile Crisis has reached its most dangerous point. The world sits in the STRIKE ZONE of thermonuclear annihilation. The clock is ticking down as the White House considers using a top secret super-weapon to strike first. It is at that moment that, Margaret Potter, a beautiful young staffer, inadvertently loses a transcript of a high level meeting which contains details so explosive that they could start World War III if they fall into the wrong hands. Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, she knows that only she can find the transcript before it is too late. She is thus thrust into a terrifying spy-versus-spy world which she has hitherto only seen in the movies. In the midst of this life or death struggle, Margaret, a formerly nice little girl from rural Wyoming, finds herself falling in love with a darkly mysterious and cosmopolitan man. Is that man her rescuer or is he her real pursuer? She has no way to know the truth until the very end. All she knows for certain is that he is the one man in the world who can help her to save the situation, and that he is also the one man she has the least reason to trust. There is one more thing that she knows: He is the man she has been looking for her whole life.